Phrases of Life


In Latin is where the etymological origin of the word life is found. Specifically, it comes from the word vita, which in turn emanates from the Greek term bios. All of them mean precisely life.

The concept of life can be defined from different approaches. The most common notion is linked to biology, which maintains that life is the ability to be born, grow, reproduce and die. In this sense, life is what distinguishes men, animals and plants, for example, from objects like a rock or a table.

Life is also the state of activity of organic beings and the internal force that allows the person who possesses it to act. Another way of interpreting life is linked to the ability of a physical being to manage its internal resources to adapt to the changes that occur in its environment.

When we see a man walking or a dog running, there is no doubt that we are dealing with living beings. On the other hand, it is more complex to determine when life begins and when it ends. Religious issues are mixed with science to affirm (or deny) that life begins from the first moment of fertilization, which would be equivalent to affirming that abortion is inevitably murder (it ends with a life). Other positions maintain that the fetus in its early stages cannot be considered a living being.

Something similar happens with death (that is, the end of life). The irreversible cessation of brain activity (known as brain death) is equivalent to science as the end of life, even if the person continues to breathe.

In this sense, we have to make it clear that there are many ways in which a person’s life comes to an end. However, when this occurs voluntarily on her part, it is because she has opted for suicide. Personal, work or family problems are usually the most frequent causes that lead someone to make the decision to end their existence.

However, we cannot forget that there is another term closely related to both life and death. We are referring to euthanasia. This can be defined as the action carried out by a person with the clear objective of avoiding suffering to another individual who is in the last moments of his existence.

That is, what that person does is accelerate the death of that being who is suffering painfully. You can do it either with the consent of the patient or simply by personal decision.

Euthanasia is one of the issues that has aroused the most controversy in recent decades around the world, establishing two opposing sections: those who defend it and those who reject it outright. In the first case, they advocate because it is synonymous with dignity with respect to human life, while those who oppose it consider that carrying it out is an attempt against the inviolability of life.