Who I am ?


I’m Hector


I became investing myself in learning and generating passive income streams that allow me to live the life of my dreams.

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My family is originally from Cuba, where they flew to a small suburb in the Caribbean to try to live «The American Dream.»

Growing up, I wasn’t the smartest person in the world but I tried to look in other horizons for the way to discover who I really am where I had positive self-confidence.

And since my parents were super Cuban, they told me that I too had to follow the “American Dream” and that I had to be a builder, doctor, dentist or a family disappointment. So I followed the path of the Restoration.

So I did everything in my power to reach out to mentors who were much smarter than me and who could teach me ways to gain freedom for myself that didn’t require a 9 to 5 job. This was one of those mentor interviews. on-line.

He explained to me how he used the concept of «leverage» to build businesses online without having to create a product or do any order fulfillment.
So I ended up trying it, and it worked.

But here’s the thing.
This would never have happened if I hadn’t found my why, if I hadn’t found the right mentor, or had the right system.
Once I got through these steps is when I really started to experience some amazing results and my life was forever changed.
This is what I did with the new time freedom, money freedom, and location freedom.

I spend a lot of my time pursuing my passions.

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Live your life to the fullest!

Patience is the mother of success.